The Akita-Mura Cyber Show has been an outstanding success. Boasting 425 entries, including 42 from Germany, it is by far one of the largest collections of Akita photographs on the Internet.
    The Akita-Mura Committee would like to thank everyone that entered, our judges, and especially those that contributed prizes for the classes.
    We would also like to thank Beate Pürner in Germany for her work in helping our German friends join in the fun.
     The show has been dedicated to a very special rescue, one that was in the limelight during the previous on-line show. We hope you will take a moment to read her story on the
Dedication page.
      Enjoy the show! You can access the entries through the link below. Winners will be announced on March 9, 2001. 

Akita-Mura Entries & Winners Now On-Line! 

Trophy List

Akita-Mura Committee:
Jamie Haight,  Megan Morrow,  Judy Judkins,  Carrie Keays and Judy Ferrell

Regular Classes Judges:
Teresa Witte,  Barry Elliott,  Lonny Cohen, Marie Finnegan and Sophia Kaluzniacki (tie-breaker)

Special Classes Judges:
Walter Oostdijk,  Bea Pitts,  Karen Ito, Suzy Henderson,  Megan Morrow and Linda Parker

Best In Show Judges - German Entries:
Lonny Cohen,  Sophia Kaluzniacki and Pat Szymanski

A special thank you to Ron and Barbara Mallar
for allowing the use of  the photograph of  their beloved Chai, shown above.