Akita Friends Profiles - Last Names: D - F

Elgas, Kelli
Fabbri, Jackie
Finnegan, Marie
Fone, Jen
Frenette, Michèle

Name (Last, First): Elgas, Kelli
City, State: Las Vegas/Nevada
Country: USA
Email: AwsumAkita@aol.com
AOL: yes
Birthday: 9\11
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 10
Number of Dogs: 5
Show or Pet: both
Spouse: Michael
Children: 5
Occupation: Self Employed
Hobbies: Dogs, Art, Reading, Disney Land :o)

Oh God What to write about myself, I of course love my dogs and showing them, I am very active in my breed, I also very involved with my 5 daughters, and Michael :o)  I think I can be a very intense person when it comes to something I believe in. I am also very upfront, what you see is what you get!!

Name (Last, First): Fabbri, Jackie
Kennel: N/A
City, State: Bakersfield, Ca. 93309-4816
Country: Usa
Email: Fjfabbri@Lightspeed.Net
Aol: N/A
Icq/Other: Icq 40074070
Webpage: N/A
Birthday: 6/21
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 9 Years
Number Of Dogs: None/Toshi Died 6/99
Show Or Pet: Pet
Spouse: Frank
Children: 2
Occupation: Owner/Travel Agency
Hobbies: Travel,Animals,Mtns,Beach,Reading


I purchased my 1st akita in 9/89. He was the love of my life and died 6/99. This was my first experience with an akita and i will never have another breed. Hopefully, in fall of 2000 i will get another.

I love to travel! Group tours and cruises was my expertise. I enjoy traveling to nationals to meet and see all the dogs and people.

Anything "animal" has my interest. Aside from that, granddaughter, grandsons, and going to my newly purchased beach house are my callings right now.

This is a great list with a lot of caring people. Hopefully, i will meet a lot more of you at 2000 nationals.

Thanks to juju and the others for putting this list together.

Name (Last, First): Finnegan, Marie
Kennel: Windy Acres
City, State: Thomaston, Maine
Country: U.S.A
Email: Akitamom2@aol.com
AOL: Akitamom2
Webpage: wich9.com/catsdogs.html
Birthday: 10-9-67
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: seven
Number of Dogs: two
Show or Pet: pets
Spouse: Don
Children: two
Occupation: shelter worker/tv host
Hobbies: hand spinning/reading


I got into akitas when I bought my first pet akita named Kuma. I have made alot of mistakes and believe researching your pets BEFORE you buy is very important. I think we need to do lots of public education about our breed to others and help with rescue whenever possible. I am a former United State: s Marine, am happily married to a cop with two wonderful children. More people should enjoy what they have instead of wasting time over what they don't. If you don't like this world do something to make it better. Life is short, make the most of it.

Name (Last, First): Fone, Jen
Kennel: N/A
City, State: Jacksonville FL
Country: US
Email: jfone@attbi.com
AOL: AkitaFone
Webpage: http://www.claflin.net & http://www.dog-safety.com
Birthday: 08-10
Sex: Yes
Years In Breed: 6.5
Number of Dogs: 2
Show or Pet: pet
Spouse: Ron
Children: child FREE
Occupation: Banking
Hobbies: Photography, reading


Ron & I are active with Akita rescue. We do obedience with the dogs
and some tracking. Have been involved with Flager County Search & Rescue for the past 2 years. The Akitas aren't into SAR work so we hope to get a puppy to train. We actively teach dog safety/bite prevention to elementary school groups & scout troops.

Name (Last, First): Frenette, Michèle
Kennel: Tashika Akitas Reg'd
City, State: Sault-Ste-Marie, Ontario
Country: Canada
Email: tashika_ssm@sympatico.ca
Birthday: 01-14
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 5
Number of Dogs: 5
Show or Pet: show dogs
Spouse: Mario Boschi
Occupation: teacher
Hobbies: reading,horseback riding, running


I currently share my home with my husband and my five akitas.
We adopted our first akita as a wedding gift to each other. Of course, it was my idea
of the perfect gift. We have never been disappointed with our choice.
Zambuka (5yr old male) also helps my husband remember how many
years we have been married!!! I am involved in obedience and
conformation. When I have some spare time I still compete in local
equestrian shows.