Akita Friends Profiles - Last Names: G - I

Gauthier John & Ann
Goss, Madelyn
Greene, Betsi
Haight, Jamie
Henderson, Suzanne (Suzy)
Hill, Isabella Britain
Hofmann, Michelle
Holloway, Willis
Ingemi, Linda
Ito, Karen

Name (Last, First): Gauthier John & Ann
Kennel: Arlberg
City, State: Buckingham, Quebec
Country: Canada
Email: Arlberg@videotron.ca
AOL: no
ICQ/Other: answering service
Webpage: http://www.comnet.ca/~lyr/annhomepage.htm
Birthday: 4/9 - 7/26
Sex: Yes
Years In Breed: 23
Number of Dogs: 9
Show or Pet: Both
Spouse: both above
Children: 3
Occupation: both self-employed
Hobbies: dogs


John was born, raised and spent most of his life here in Buckingham,
while I was born in New York City and moved to Canada when I was in my teens. We have 3 daughters who are all married now. John was in the excavation business for many years until he decided to sell and we now have a pet & food supply business here on our property, which along with the kennel keep us very busy. We have been involved in the showing & breeding of Saint Bernards for 30 years and Akitas for 23 years Have been very active over the years in both breed clubs.
John judges Matches, Sweepstakes and Junior handling occasionally and
thoroughly enjoys it. We are very proud to have bred Canada's 2nd top
Akita in 1993 and Top Akita Female in 1992-1993, also two of Canada's Top St. Bernards. We are firm believers in breeding strictly to improve the breed. Are very happy to be part of such a friendly group "FRIENDS".

Name (Last, First): Goss, Madelyn
Kennel: MaJer Akitas
City, State: Spokane, WA
Country: USA
Email: madelynl@msn.com
AOL: TheEliteZD's
ICQ/Other: 38096896
Webpage: www.eliteakitas.com
Birthday: 04-08-73
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: half my life
Number of Dogs: 2 years
Show or Pet: both
Spouse: Jeremy
Children: none

Name (Last, First): Greene, Betsi
Kennel: N/A
City, State: Rye, NH 03870
Country: USA
Email: Grenslvs@ma.ultranet.com
Birthday: 10-16-42
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 10
Number of Dogs: 1
Show or Pet: Pets - but don't tell her <G>
Spouse: N/A
Children: 2
Occupation: Production Scheduler
Hobbies: Rug hooking, m/cycle riding, camping


The dreaded essay section:
I've been an Akita owner for almost 10 years. Hannah's 10th birthday is next Tuesday! There were times when I swore I'd have her stuffed and mounted for disobedience before she ever reached this ripe old age but I love her dearly, depend on her for companionship and protection and build my life around her. There'll be too many years that she isn't here to torment me!

I live in coastal NH and wish I lived somewhere I could ride my bikes year round. Hannah has a "brother", Jason: a Shiba Inu who thinks he's an Akita.

I enjoy the Friends List tremendously...I depend on the members for support, info and a good chuckle at least once a day!


Name (Last, First): Haight, Jamie
Kennel: Jamino
City, State: Gloucester, Ontario
Country: Canada
Email: jamino@direct-internet.net
ICQ/Other: haightj@gowlings.com
Birthday: 01-13-69
Sex: Male
Years In Breed: 4
Number of Dogs: 1
Show or Pet: both
Spouse: Gino Fournier
Occupation: Facilities Management Coordinator
Hobbies: Dog related activities, Gardening, swimming, snowshoeing, playing pool (which includes beer), food


I have been involved with the dog fancy for over ten years now - my first breed being Basenjis. I changed breeds because of how active I am in the winter. I am a member of the CKC, Akita Alumni and the ACA. I like to take Oscar (my Akita) as many places with me as I can. He is a regular at our local pub. He is a member of our family first, show dog second - soon to start serious obediene training, and eventually he will have his own harness for pulling us on our skiis - once he has grown up.

Name (Last, First): Henderson, Suzanne (Suzy)
Kennel: n/a
City, State: Oklahoma City, OK 73108-6401
Country: USA
Email: mike_annie@msn.com
AOL: no Amalgaark
ICQ/Other: n/a
Webpage: n/a
Birthday: 12-01-36
Sex: Yes
Years In Breed: 4
Number of Dogs: 1
Show or Pet: pet
Children: 3 sons & 6 grandchildren
Occupation: Data Analyst Technician
Hobbies: survival


I have been with "Friends" since its inception. It is a fantastic list. You can discuss anything at all. There is never any flaming, etc. Even though anything can be discussed, would you believe The Akita takes first place.....

The information I have received regarding The Akita is invaluable and I am so grateful for being asked to join. Thank you all very much.

Name (Last, First): Hill, Isabella Britain
Kennel: Earthquake Akitas
City, State: Francestown, NH
Country: USA
Email: ninniku@monad.net
Birthday: 7/1/52
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 14
Number of Dogs: 2
Show or Pet: show and pet
Spouse: 0
Children: 0
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Hobbies: mushing, fishing, working on my old cars


I grew up in Rockford,Il and Francestown, NH I was the youngest of 6 girls. I lived all over for 25 or so years, missing my childhood love of animals. When I came back to the east in1980 I developed a more settled life, commuting between NYC and NH. Once, doing a job for Mitsubishi, the dog agency sent two big fat Akitas, very unruly!.
What lovely little butterballs. As if a sign the following week someone gave me my first 5&6 year old Akitas, rescued from divorce.

Britain Hill

Name (Last, First): Hofmann, Michelle
Kennel: Tailwind
City, State: Cascade Locks, Oregon
Country: Usa
Email: Tailwind@Gorge.Net
Icq/Other: 22644643
Birthday: 12/3/73
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 2
Number Of Dogs: 1
Show Or Pet: Show
Children: 1
Occupation: Aviation
Hobbies: Dogs, Planes, Etc


Sophie is my first Akita and my second breed. I breed and show
Bernese Mountain Dogs and am slowly working my way into Akitas.
My dogs go with me as often as possible and together we enjoy many
activities........mostly outdoors.
I have learned a great deal from the wonderful people I have met
through the dogs and continue to learn as well as teach what I have
learned to those who want to know more.

Name (Last, First): Holloway, Willis
City, State: Mobile, AL 36695-6217
Country: U.S.A.
Email: CresMarine@AOL.COM
Birthday: 10/24/42
Sex: Male
Years In Breed: 4
Number of Dogs: 1
Show or Pet: Show
Children: 2
Occupation: Owner - Ship Services Company
Hobbies: History, Reading, Sports, Women, most kinds of music, plays, the beach my '79 Corvette


I have two daughters (age 20 and 24) who are still in College. Claire is a 3rd year law student at the U. of Michigan, and Sarah is a Junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering (pre-med) at Vanderbilt. I also have two dogs: Bull - an intact male Akita and Mya - a spayed female Rottweiler.

Name (Last, First): Ingemi, Linda
Kennel: Excel Shu-Ku Akitas
City, State: Hammonton, NJ 08037
Country: USA
Email: xlshuku@erols.com
AOL: Akitaholic
ICQ/Other: 1689286 / Akita
Webpage: www.akitapup.com
Birthday: 11-13-64
Sex: Yes
Years In Breed: Over 15
Number of Dogs: 14
Show or Pet: Both
Spouse: Frank
Children: Human-0, Doggy- 14
Occupation: Kennel Manager
Hobbies: Dogs, Dogs & Dog Stuff


Hi, Im Linda, of Excel Shu-Ku Akitas, both Frank & I have been involved in the Akita breed since 1984, we show often, attend National & regional Specialties when we can, we attend Westminster every year although not showing every time.

Our breeding program is based on top winning & top producing Akitas, we breed only to better the breed & to keep something for ourselves, we are fully committed to any/all puppies we produce for the life of the animal.

Name (Last, First): Ito, Karen
City, State: Northridge, Ca.
Country: USA
Email: N/A
Birthday: 04-25
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 7
Number of Dogs: 2
Show or Pet: pets
Spouse: Michael
Children: 3 dogs.
Occupation: office tech.
Hobbies: Being with my dogs, traveling, camping, spending time with my family, movies, collecting artist bears and talking to my Akita friends.


Mike and I have been married for 17 years. I have a wonderful close knit family of 3 sisters, plenty of nieces and a wonderful Aunt and Uncle who adopted me after my mother passed away. (we all live with-in 5 minutes of each other, which probably drive our husbands crazy). They even except my dogs as part of our family.