Akita Friends Profiles - Last Names: J - L

Jensen, Patricia
Judkins Judy
Lamm, Nancy

Name (Last, First): Jensen, Tricia
Kennel: Shugoshin Akitas
City, State: Glendale, CaliforniaCountry: USA
Email: pajensen@shugoshinakitas.com and pajensen@pacbell.net

Webpage: http://www.shugoshinakitas.com
Birthday: 4/16/54
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 22
Number of Dogs: 9 total, 2 currently
Show or Pet: both
Spouse: Lenny Jensen
Children: 2 boys: Steven and David 
Occupation: Retired. Formerly a Legal Secretary/Legal Assistant, more recently Operations Manager in our Property Management business. Hobbies: Akitas, genealogy, snow skiing, water skiing, hiking, Cub and Boy Scouts with our boys, reading, e-mail.

We own our business, which is in Pasadena, California. My husband is in the Construction business. We build, own and operate/repair our own properties which include office buildings and multifamily residential apartments.  My husband, Lenny, and I found what we call OUR FIRST AKITA, who was a stray in our neighborhood. He was such a beautiful, loveable dog. We took him in our home, and he made himself right at home and was so  mannerly.  We did not know he was an Akita/nor that they
existed! This was back in 1979.  We found his owner, but new then that the Akita was our breed for life.   In 1980, we bought our first Akita puppy, a male we named Tomodachi. That year we joined the Kin Ken Akita Club, and joined ACA.  We are now members of the Inland Empire Akita Club.  We have mostly owned Akitas who have come from Kosho Ki Akitas and Akitas of Tamarlane. Our third Akita was a Daimyo granddaughter out of Ranchlake's Daimyo Daughter. She was "Kosho Ki's Daitanna Koibito". Rusty Short showed Daitanna, and she won her first major at 9 months old and finished at 14 months with a Best of Breed and Group 2 at the Beverly Hills Kennel Club. Two years ago, Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki and I bred our bitch Susie (Tamarlane's Tsunami II) to Sylvia and Frank Thomas's Dude (Chiheisen's Take It To The Maxx). This was my first litter and I was thrilled. It was such an experience seeing those six little puppies being born and helping Susi take care of them. Lenny and I kept a male out of this litter. His name is Shugoshin's Ingizamo, African for Sacred Guardian from the movie "Mighty Joe Young". We call him Joey.   Sophia has his littermate Stoney (Tamarlane's The Philosopher's Stone). We have great hopes for their futures.

Name (Last, First): Judkins, Judy
Kennel: Kyoju Akitas
City, State: Miami Oklahoma
Country: USA
Email: kyoju@rectec.net
Birthday: 08/16
Sex: Yes
Years In Breed: 11
Number of Dogs: 6
Show or Pet: both
Spouse: Ray
Children: 3
Occupation: retired teacher
Hobbies: Akitas, decorating, junking


I've had Akitas for 11 year. Our first Akita Tucker has his Cd and CH all
Owner handled my husband put the CD on him and my daughter Did his CH. My daughter has finished 5 of our dogs I usually put our finished CH in pet homes as Tucker is King around here. I did raise several litter, but have decided to buy that perfect special I have been looking for. Being sure your puppies get the perfect home is such a responsibility and when you get one that you think is in a going to a good home and it doesn't, the heartache is too much so I am no longer a breeder. We still show and love it my granddaughter has a Whippet she is going to start this spring. She is 8 and the Akitas are just too much for an 8 year old. Akitas are my love there is no other dog comparable for me. I've been to 9 nationals and am looking forward to this one as I've never been east of the Mississippi.

Name (Last, First): Lamm, Nancy
City, State: E. Amherst, NY
Country: USA
Email: lvandros@buffnet.net
Birthday: 3, 6
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 6
Number of Dogs: 2
Show or Pet: pet, rescue
Spouse: Richard Nella
Children: 0
Occupation: Editor
Hobbies: Rescue/akitas/travel/photography/reading


My passion is rescue and to help alleviate the suffering of all needy Akitas.
I currently am the director/treasurer of the Akita Rescue of Western New
York, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit. Our web site is

I invite you all to visit our web site frequently for available dogs,
happy endings, auctions, and fundraising activities we are
currently promoting.