Quick & Easy Sicilian Steak
Linda Parker

1 boneless round steak, thin or thick. Have butcher tenderize. Cut into whatever size serving pieces you desire.

2 cups Italian bread crumbs.
1/4 cup grated Parmesan. & or Romano cheese (I combine both). Even if bread crumbs come w/cheese in it.
1 Tbls garlic powder
1 tsp garlic salt
2 Tbls Italian seasoning
1/2 cup Olive oil...any type
Pam or any non stick spray

Combine first 5 dry ingredients in a flat bottom bowl or pan. Mix evenly. Put Olive oil in another flat bottom bowl or pan. Spray cookie sheet w/non stick spray. Dunk each piece of meat in Oil. Then lay oiled meat in bread crumb. Press meat down into crumb mixture to assure it is completely coated. Turn over & press the other side in crumb mixture.
Put meat evenly on cookie sheet....bake uncovered on 325.Bakes very fast. Bake till desired texture. I prefer on the light side. No turning. Oil will self baste the meat.

If I am entertaining for several I do all of the above & put raw breaded meat on sprayed cookie sheet. Refrigerate & cover w/foil....for even over night or so. Great for the breading to stick on even better. And, all the seasonings have time to marinate into meat. The meat so fast when the rest of my menu is about done & put the meat in the oven. Either way, it will be great.

This recipe can be used with boneless, tenderized pork chops too. Heck, I make it all the time w/boned pork chops too. If I do, I first pre apply UNSEASONED meat tenderizer to meat & let sit in refrigerate for at least 3 hrs, before dunking in oil & bread crumb mixture.
Freezes well.

Great Barbecue Chicken

Prepare Superb Barbecue Sauce (click for recipe)

Skin chicken pieces and arrange in a microwave safe dish. Pour white wine over chicken pieces, then sprinkle each piece (all sides) with lemon pepper. Cook chicken in the microwave on a low setting until the meat is partially cooked.

Pour off juices in pan and cover chicken with barbecue sauce. If you want, you can pierce chicken with a fork to allow the sauce to penetrate meat. Cover and let stand or refrigerate. To grill, swirl each piece in sauce and place on the grill. Each time you flip the pieces, swirl each pike back in the bowl of sauce.

For this reason I will often quadruple the sauce recipe so I have plenty of sauce for basting. It makes the best, juicy barbecue chicken you can imagine. Enjoy!