Akita Friends Profiles - Last Names: P - R

Parker, Joy
Patterson, Liz
Pearce, Myrna
Perry, Lisa
Petrina, Kathy
Pitts, Bea
Ray, Leslie (Les) Graham
Reilly, Deanna

Name (Last, First): Parker, Joy
Kennel: N/A
City, State: Huntsville, Alabama
Country: USA
Email: Joy_A_Parker@msn.com
Birthday: 7/25
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 4
Number of Dogs: 1
Show or Pet: Pet
Spouse: widow
Children: 7
Occupation: retired
Hobbies: golf/gardening/volunteering/art/music/having fun!


Born and raised in New England. Married a Southern boy and became a military wife and home where was Uncle Sam sent us. Had 3 children...adopted 4...raised and showed Old English Sheepdogs for 12 years. I have worked as a D and A youth advisor, owned a florist and taught art in middle school.
I am now widowed and stay busy volunteering in both the military community and the city of Huntsville. Humane Society, Children's Charities, Church, Botonical Gardens, etc. Play golf and travel as much as possible.
Duncan is my Akita and the most wonderful creature in this world to me. I would love to own more Akitas, but he is blind and I wouldn't chance hurting his feelings. He is very special and very much loved!!!

Name (Last, First): Patterson, Liz
Kennel: Nakoma Reg'd
Address: RR #2
City, State: Wyoming, Ontario
Country: Canada
Email: nakoma@mnsi.net
ICQ/Other: 21267258
Webpage: www.geocities.com/heartla
Birthday: 04, 28
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 12
Number of Dogs: 4
Show or Pet: Show & pet
Spouse: Reid
Children: 0
Occupation: Administration
Hobbies: Dogs, gardening, renovation our old house!!


We are a small kennel from Southern Ontario (30 minutes from Michigan).

Vist our web site at: www.geocities.com/heartland/fields/8883
to see pictures and what is going on at Nakoma!!

After 12 long years, we finally had our 1st litter. It took us this long to find the dogs we wanted to breed (health, temperament, type).

Our dogs are our a part of our family 1st & foremost.

Name (Last, First): Pearce, Myrna
Kennel: Go-Bear Akitas & OAR
Address: HC 1, Box 820
City, State: Reeds Spring, MO 65737
Country: USA
Email: pearce@tri-lakes.net
ICQ/Other: ICQ 1498616
Birthday: 6-16
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 21
Number of Dogs: 6
Show or Pet: both
Spouse: deceased
Children: 4
Occupation: Akita Guardian
Hobbies: akitas, akitas, akitas


If you like akitas, you are most welcome in my home....if you don't, I will do my darndest to change your mind before you leave. Akitas have been a very big part of my life for almost a quarter of a century and they will continue to be so into the next millenium God willing. They are my friends, my joy...my passion. I am forever in their service.

Name (Last, First): Perry,Lisa
Kennel: KitaKaze Akitas
Address: 742 C Walter St
City, State: Cambridge Ont
Country: Canada
Email: kitakaze@sprint.ca
AOL: rjalap instant messenger
ICQ/Other: 21763915
Webpage: http://members.xoom.com/akita
Birthday: 02/23/65
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 7
Number of Dogs: 3
Show or Pet: both
Spouse: Robin
Children: 3
Occupation: injection moulder/groomer
Hobbies: dogs,& most outdoor activities

Name (Last, First): Petrina, Kathy
Kennel: Paradise akitas
City, State: Paradise Ca
Country: Butte
Email: prdsakita@aol.com
Birthday: 12-14-63
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 9 yrs
Number of Dogs: 5
Show or Pet: both
Spouse: Don Schwartz-soon to be
Children: 0
Occupation: laborers unoin/operators union
Hobbies: dog shows, hiking,swimming


Well, Iv ben involved with akits since 1990.
I had one pet bitch and wanted to get her a playmate. Well what I got was a show dog and Iv ben hooked ever since. Don and myself both work in the construction feild, building roads and paving them. We met on a
job in 1995 and we are now getting married in March of 2000. The Akitas are our way of life and our best friends. We live in Paradise Ca, althoe we will be moving to beautiful Northern Idaho with in a year or so. Its to crowed in Calif!
Our family consists of AKC/Can.Inter CH.Hanna Inter Ch.Nash hes one pt. away from his Can tital and AKC pointed. Inter. Ch Meriha. She need one major to get her AKC tital and she is CKC pointed. We also have two up come stars from our first breeding, Tonka and Secret.They too, are pointed from the puppy classes.
Well, thats that in a nut shell.


Name (Last, First): Pitts, Bea
Kennel: -----
Address: 29 Meadow Croft, Oldfallow Park, Huntington
City, State: Cannock WS12 4LX, Staffordshire
Country: England
Email: okusama@netcomuk.co.uk
AOL: -----
ICQ/Other: -----
Webpage: -----
Birthday: March 8
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 12
Number of Dogs: 1
Show or Pet: Both
Children: -----
Occupation: Home maker
Hobbies: Akita pedigrees, Producing newsletter, Pyrography, Crosswords


Although no longer employed I've always done secretarial work in the past. This continues at home through the production of two newsletters for different clubs, and writing the occasional article for other club newsletters. I was very involved for nearly 10 years in hospital visiting with our old Akita bitch, until her recent death. I have been researching Akita pedigrees for almost as many years and currently have around 30,000 dogs in my database. Research of health problems in the breed. More recently I started a new hobby of pyrography (burning pictures into wood) and am finding that very therapeutic as well as fulfilling an ambition I never had the opportunity or time for previously.

Name (Last, First): Ray, Leslie Graham
Kennel: Kenshiki
Address: 85 Fincks Road
City, State: BAYLES VIC 3981
Country: Australia
Email: elray@sympac.com.au
ICQ/Other: 262345
Webpage: akitas.com.au
Birthday: 07/17
Sex: Male
Years In Breed: 11
Number of Dogs: 8
Show or Pet: Both
Spouse: Yvonne (hehe)
Children: 0
Occupation: Interference Consultant
Hobbies: Akitas, Amateur Radio, Akitas


I live in a rural area of the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. I have a number of Akitas, some are show dogs, some pets, some I do obedience with. I work for myself and am a TV and Radio Interference finder feller. Happily unmarried to Yvonne. I have no kids, Yvonne has two. I also have a small interest in Amateur radio, callsign VK3LR. I subscribe to a number of Akita mail lists and have done so for a number of years now.

Name (Last, First): Reilly, Deanna
Kennel: Crux Akitas
Address: Lot 7 Buchanan Road
City, State: Roleystone
Country: Western Australia
Email: reilly@nettrek.com.au
ICQ/Other: 216536
Birthday: 04/25
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 4
Number of Dogs: 3
Show or Pet: show
Spouse: John
Children: 4
Occupation: Homemaker
Hobbies: Akitas, Computers, Cooking


Hello from downunder! I have always loved dogs and cannot remember ever not having one. The Akita enchanted me, so whilst my dogs are show dogs (which I love) they are first and foremost pets to my family. We have a small breeding program with an emphasis on temperament, soundness and good health.