Akita Friends Profiles - Last Names: S - U

Schoeffel, Shannon
Sjoberg, Carol
Smith, Barbara
Stapleton, Maureen
Szymanski, Pat

Name (Last, First): Schoeffel, Shannon
Kennel: Kaze Kuma Akitas & Shibas
City, State: Henderson, NV
Country: U.S.A.
Email: Kazekuma@aol.com
Birthday: 07-28
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 6
Number of Dogs: 3
Show or Pet: Both
Spouse: Pat
Children: 1
Occupation: Homemaker
Hobbies: Just my Dogs


Hi Everyone,

My name is Shannon Schoeffel and I have both Akitas and Shibas. I show both in conformation & Obedience and also teach obedience. I am very ethical and always put the dogs best interest first. My husaband and I have one daughter, Lauren, who keeps us both very busy. We hope to expand our kennel next year when we move into our new home. O and I love to chat...

Name (Last, First): Sjoberg, Carol
Kennel: Hyozan Akitas
City, State: Lancaster, TX. 75146
Country: U.S.A.
Email: hyozan@msn.com
Birthday: 12/17
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 16 years
Number of Dogs: 9 1/2
Show or Pet: both
Spouse: Jim
Children: one
Occupation: homemaker
Hobbies: dogs, dogs, & more dogs


Jim and I grew up in Oklahoma but have lived in Texas for many years - first in Houston and now in the Dallas area. We got our first Akita, Seiko, in 1984, and very quickly became involved in the Lone Star Akita Club of Houston. Since moving to the Dallas area we have become involved in Akita rescue and the Heart of Texas Akita Club. We are also members of ACA, JACA, and AKIHO.
Jim and I have been married since 1958 and have one son, Jeff, who lives in California.

Name (Last, First): Smith, Barbara
City, State: Portland, OR 97229
Country: USA
Email: Barbara.Smith@latticesemi.com
Birthday: Sept. 29
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 3
Number of Dogs: 2, Snickers (3yrs) Suki (2yrs)
Show or Pet: Pet
Spouse: Harley
Children: 0
Occupation: Engineer, Marketing
Hobbies: Dog Training, Backpacking, Jogging, Hiking, Gardening, Reading, Jigsaw puzzles


What can I say. My husband's constant comment is "If it doesn't have
anything to do with dogs, you don't want to do it". That's pretty much
true these days. We got our first Akita 3 years ago and it has been
an intense love affair ever since. We are a very athletic family and our
dogs accompany us most everywhere. My male Akita, Snickers, now 3
years old has backpacked over 100 miles already and our longcoat
female,2-year old Suki, went with us on three backpack trips this
summer as well. Other than dogs, backpacking is about my favorite thing in the whole world to do, but you can only reach the high mountain country for a few months out of the year. My current passion is dog training. We have been working in both obedience and agility and are ready to start competing in both. Snickers has really started to excell in obedience and is a joy to work with. Suki is much more of a training challenge, but is  certainly one of the cutest Akitas alive. and is still a very well behaved and loving companion. Suki has many physical challenges and has had several surgeries, but is now able to do most everything with us. She loves her agility class even though she will never be able to jump full height. Snickers and Suki both have their CGCs and I feed them a raw diet. This is one of the best decisions I've made.
Anyway, I'm sure you get the picture. When I talk about my dogs I can go on and on. Otherwise I'm pretty quiet.
Your friend,
Barbara Smith

Name (Last, First): STAPLETON, MAUREEN
Country: CANADA
Email: oniyuri@sympatico.ca
Birthday: SEPT. 19
Sex: Female
Years In Breed: 12
Number of Dogs: 1
Show or Pet: PET SHOW DOGS
Spouse: ERIC
Children: 2
Occupation: HOUSEWIFE


I have owned and shown Akitas for 12 years. I have also had Shiba Inus
for 8 years. I do have a registered kennel name but I have not bred a
litter of puppies yet. I am currently in withdrawal with only one Akita, Lily
and one Shiba, Comet. Comet is a Canadian Ch. Lily needs one more

Name (Last, First): Szymanski, Pat
Kennel: Akasta Japanese Akitas
City, State: Conroe , Tx. 77304
Country: USA
Email: akasta@lcc.net
Webpage: http://www.txucom.net/~akasta/
Birthday: 9-17
Sex: Yes
Years In Breed: 18
Number of Dogs: 23
Show or Pet: all of the mentioned
Spouse: Rich
Children: 2 daughters 2 sons (deceased)
Occupation: Alpha Bitch
Hobbies: Dogs, traveling, shopping
When I saw my first Akita, I had to have one....When I saw my first
Japanese Akita, I fell in love. I am thoroughly devoted to this wonderful
breed. I am a member of ACA, Ahiho, Nippo, Houston KC, HOT Akita Club and honored to be Pres. of JACA. I hope for the day that every akita will have a home and that both breeds a separate arena to show in.